Maxwell Infra Systems

For Hire

From electric boom lifts and engine-powered boom lifts to masts, we have the machine you need for the job at hand. Whether you are looking for energy efficient aerial work platforms with longer runtime or high-performing booms with larger work envelopes, you can trust that with our boom lifts, you will get the job done right.

Electric Articulating Booms

Today, more people are demanding environmentally friendly equipment. We have a line of electric articulating boom lifts to help your job site stay clean and green. You can go up to 60 feet, and still not have emissions or loud engines. You can work on slab or off without hesitation with the non-marking all-terrain tires. With the Automatic Traction Control, optional all-wheel drive and oscillating axle, you need not need be shy about traveling over rough terrain. The optional articulating jib gives you even greater access to hard-to-reach places. And, the Multi-Power option gives you round-the-clock operation and faster battery charging with the QuikCharge GenSet Automatic Charging System.

Diesel Articulating Booms

Our engine powered boom lifts get you into position quickly and efficiently for optimum productivity. They offer exceptional reach, high capacity, versatile performance, and easy maintenance.