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Mobile Access Platforms

At Maxwell , we work continually to ensure up time, every time to our customers. In our endeavor to me their every need we leave no stone unturned, choosing the best of services

Scissor Lift

Whether you are looking for electric scissor lifts with longer runtime or engine-powered scissors for rough terrain, we have got the models you need with the capacity and height for the job.

Articulating Booms

Today, more people are demanding environmentally friendly equipment. We have a line of electric articulating boom lifts to help your job site stay clean and green.


Straight Booms

Straight Booms, also be known as Telescopic boom lifts, offer greater horizontal outreach than any other type of aerial platform. It have a wide range of straight booms from 46ft up to 150ft

Vertical Masts

Vertical Lifts, otherwise known as Man lifts, can be used for jobs where access is minimal. They are light-weight, have a small foot print and are useful in tight access areas.

Push Around

Push Around vertical lifts must be pushed into position and then manually set up on your job site. Push around vertical lifts come in two different sizes 30ft & 41ft.


Mast Climber

mast climbing platform is the perfect tool for smaller jobs that require high capacity or for restrained work area where most climbing work platforms can't fit,

Spider Boom

The LEO 23 GT with its compact build is designed for applications where there is little space, but where working height is required. Particulary at apparently inaccessible places the LEO 23 GT proves its worth.

Industrial Equipments

Stability, reliability and lightweight. Virtually giving you the liberty of climbing heights and doing your work with safety and quickness. Our Liberti range is compact and is suitable for a variety of heights and loads.



Our Cranes are available for sale all over India, as per client's need. We also provide machinery for Off-Shore Jobs, Windmill Towers, Nacelles, Plant Fabrication and structural Erections.